Monday, March 9, 2009

NYC News

From our daily free paper:

1)  Psychics in NY are doing well in this economy.  NYers are flocking to them for financial advice.

2)  Sales of condoms and sex toys are up during the economy.  Keep paying the babysitter so you and your spouse can date.  Article fails to mention that babysitters cost $15/20 hr in NYC.  We go out every 2 weeks but it is expensive. 

3) Bernie Madoff's wife hired her own lawyer - good for her. Someone has to make the argument that she should be able t keep $70 million in assets.  this is why my husband became a transactional lawyer - he never likes to deal with the mesy but he feels strongly that a lawyer must totally commit to advocating for his client.  He had two litigation cases in his early career that helped make this choice when he was a first/second year. they were pro-bono.  One was a guy in front of the Supreme Court on his last appeal - my husband, who was sure the guy did this horrendous crime (it was more over someone failing to file an appeal that they were all there rather than the crime itself), felt pretty bad when the guy was fried (he is totally against eh Death Penalty) but didn't lose much sleep over it.  the second one dealt with a quadrapeligic gun runner.  He was convicted but freed because the State didn't have the proper facility to house him in.  His wife, who was his accomplice, was also commuted so she could take care of him.  My husband has far more respect for criminal attorneys than D.A.'s - it is so much harder to be on the other side - but in a strange way, it is also far more worthier to defend all of our rights (even if we are Mr. & Mrs. Madoff).  Let's hear it for the lawyers who have unlikeable clients.

4)  And of course, craft a resume that will get noticed.  It didn't suggest bejeweling it.  My husband's law firm just sent a lot of people packing.  One of the juniors came by to clean out his desk.  He had a job interview with a hedge fun set up.  My husband's first reaction was awe - there was still a hedge fund that was not on the verge of collapse.  The recruiter told him that there were no legal jobs and the only opening were soft at best.  there are some legal openings left - for high end divorce atttorneys.  Seems all the Wall Street are taking advantage of their low bonuses to kick their expensive wives to the curb.  When the economy pcrks up they can get their trophy wives at a discounted rate.     Luckily, we are too poor to get divorced these days.

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