Monday, March 9, 2009

I weighed in at 167 today.   At 5'5 I am beyond pleasantly plump.  My husband found out he had diabetes this summer and went to a nutritionist.  He lost 60lbs - so I don't even have him to stand next to and look skinny anymore.  So depressing.

First meal of the day is Kahiki Sesame Chicken.   The Chicken was surprisingly good but as usual, the meal was a bit salty.  Consumed with a lot of Diet Coke.  

Calorie Count:  360

I need to start tonight's dinner soon - I am going to crockpot some chicken thighs that were on sale for sale at $1.79 per lb (Shop & Stop). with some Rinaldi Tomato Sauce which was 4/$5 at A & P.  I will also cook it with Pacific Chicken Broth which I get 6/$8 at Costcos.  Don't remember what I paid for the big bag of onions though.

I am also going to put together a giant vat of Sugar Free Strawberry Jello.  THe Generiac A & P brand tastes the same as the Jello brands but it is .25 cents cheaper.  I am not a big coupon person - so I tend to mostly go on a good value instead.

We have a few dietary concerns in the family - my husband has high blood pressure and diabetes.  He has effectively cured his diabetes due to the weight loss.   His blood sugar went from 350 to 85 with the help of his diabetician and his nutritionist.  He is allergic to sulfa (which some chemical relative is used to make the pills) so he had to go aall natural.  His blood sugar is around 85 these days and he may have cured his high blood pressure  - but his regular doctor is hesitant to take him off that medication.  I have a son wo is gluten-intolerant.  Though celiac runs in my family, he doesn't have that so we just watch his gluten.  I should take it all away but the kid is obsessed with pizza.  A couple of years ago he was on a medication that caused his weight to soar - he is still struggling with it.  His father was very overweight at a young age along with other family members (in a country where obesity was until recently rare).  A few of his family members have a horrible time with weight while most of them look emaciated - I believe their is something genetic going on - but that doesn't mean we ignore it. His cousin almost died having a gastric bypass.  She looks great now - but SHE ALMOST DIED.  

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